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Faux Outrage

Literally the most important blog in the universe since 2010.

Today, I have a goal: To make this piece of writing less confusing than Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.  Obviously, this goal leaves me a vast “Spectrum of Sense” in which to play.  Not that anyone should be playing in the Spectrum of Sense…

I like to stand in line as much as the next guy.  Some might even go as far to say that I like standing in line more than the next guy.  Furthermore, that same person who would claim that I like to stand in line more than the next guy (who, by the way, will remain nameless in this essay) might also think that I am a fan of good old-fashioned Bureaucracy.  Ha!  That person would be wrong!  Stupid that person!

Unfortunately, this “editorial” if you will (because I certainly would if I were you) has nothing to do with Bureaucracy (disregarding the following sentence).  Doesn’t that word curve an unusual amount?  B-u-r-e-a-u-c-r-a-c-y.  Pretty curvy, huh?

The end.
I failed to complete my goal.

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