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Faux Outrage

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Wyoming Population: ~544,000 (0.17% of US population)
Wyoming Representatives: 1 (voting) (0.23% overall representation)
Wyoming Senators: 2 (2% overall representation)

District of Columbia Population: ~600,000 (0.19% of US population)
District of Columbia Representatives: 1 (non-voting) (Unrepresented)
District of Columbia Senators: 0 (Unrepresented)

According to Wikipedia, “In the financial year 2007, D.C. residents and businesses paid $20.4 billion in federal taxes; more than the taxes collected from 19 states and the highest federal taxes per capita.”  (See: IRS)

That is no joke.

“No right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice in the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens, we must live. Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.” -Justice Hugo Black, Wesberry v. Sanders, 376 U.S. 1 (1964).

That is no joke, either.

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