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Loyal readers of Faux Outrage have already added two words to their ever-expanding vocabularies: punintentional and fauxjectivity.  And now today — at no additional cost! — I present you with a third word that you didn’t know you needed to know until you knew it.

The word is gendrification.

Gendrification (jen-drif-eh-kay-shun)

a process by which a group of same-gendered persons slowly encroach upon a similarly homogeneous but opposite-sex faction in a public setting (e.g., pub or sporting event) for the purpose of flirtation and/or commingling

For Example: “Girls, it looks our ‘ladies night’ might be in jeopardy because the Capitals game just ended and word is those meatheads are about to stumble over here and gendrify this whole situation.”

Although it is true in the example above, gendrification does not always carry with it a negative connotation.

In social settings where all gatherers know each other, there is still sometimes a natural tendency for the males and females to initially separate before slowly reconvening as the night wears on.  At a certain point, the group of men or the group of women will fade into one another, like two same-sized circles pushed together to create a Venn diagram before overlapping entirely.

Use it or lose it!*

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* That’s what she said.

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