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Faux Outrage

Literally the most important blog in the universe since 2010.

In life, they say, you don’t get too many guarantees.  But here’s one, just for you: this blog entry will be the most meta in the history of Faux Outrage.  (And if it turns out that it’s not, I’m counting on you to forget this pesky — and, for the record, completely unenforceable — “guarantee.”)

There is a new faux word of the day today, Fictionary, that only exists because of the very idea of a FWOTD in the first place.  In essence, it is the reason for itself.

fictionary (fik-shuhn-ner-ee)

an electronic reference resource, complied by Zach Sparer on the Faux Outrage website, that consists of an alphabetical list of not-exactly-real words with their completely-made-up meanings and parts of speech, and a guide to pronunciation and syllabification.

Put more simply, the Fictionary is a new feature here at Faux Outrage that will act as a clearinghouse for all past FWOTD’s.  Each of the past FWOTD as well as other blog-centric terms (e.g., “FWOTD”) are defined.  In addition, there are links to the fleshed-out blog posts for each faux word.  You’ll be able to access the fictionary at any time by clicking on Fictionary! link in the top-right corner of the blog, right next to the aptly named HUH? and WHO? links.

There are 10 entries in the fictionary so far.

Check it out!


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