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Faux Outrage

Literally the most important blog in the universe since 2010.

First, to anyone who is reading this as the result of a Google search, welcome!  I write this with the reasonable understanding that others will read it, even if they are not otherwise interested in the blog, so don’t be shy.  That said, I write this with the even more reasonable understanding that no one is actually interested in anything I have to say.

My name is Zach Sparer.  I know of only one other person with that name, and I rejected his friendship request on Facebook (Sorry, Other Zach).  I grew up in Rochester, New York, and dated a girl in college (Syracuse University) who guessed that 1,000 people live there.  (Actual answer: over 200,000).  I went to law school at the University of Pittsburgh, but never rooted for their athletic teams, which probably explains why I used the word “their” in this sentence.  I currently live in Washington, DC in a building that was built in the early 20th century.  My bedroom floor is slanted.

My goal in life is to own an enormous dog that doesn’t need to be leashed.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy speculating about how wonderful it is going to be.


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