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Faux Outrage

Literally the most important blog in the universe since 2010.

Total faux words: 14!

– A –

Annexiety // an-eks-zahy-i-tee // noun // a sudden overwhelming but unreasonable feeling of distress or uneasiness caused by a fear of danger or misfortune that could have, but failed to actually occur; anxiety after the fact.

– C –

Cropportunity // krop-er-too-ni-tee // noun // a favourable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances whereby a formerly pleasant (though now undesirable person) is able to be easily removed from a digital photograph, the result of which is an enjoyable photo still worthy of display.

– D –

Desirony // de-si-ro-ny // noun // an emotional imbalance that stems from the impossible, unfortunate longing to erase knowledge and experience so as to be able to experience, again, for the first time, the overwhelming joy of a particularly influential discovery.

– E –

Eccentrick // ik-cen-trik // noun // an individual’s inherently narcissistic belief that by engaging in seemingly “contradictory” behaviors, he/she has an unusual, peculiar, or otherwise interesting personality.

Expertease  // ex-per-teez // noun // the condition of having  a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area such that the depth of understanding inadvertently but severely degrades the individual’s ability to enjoy reasonably sufficient goods or services.

– F –

Fanatischism // fa-nat-i-skiz-uhm // noun // a remarkable but completely avoidable cocktail of sadness and anger invariably stemming from one’s choosing to base a portion of his/her mood on the success and failures of a particular sports team or professional athlete.

Faux Outrage // foh out-reyj // noun // a blog and website, established in October 2010 by Zach Sparer, as an outlet for the author’s profound — yet ultimately completely fake — indignation.

Fauxjectivity // foh-jik-tiv-i-tee // noun // a manner of communication whereby the speaker intentionally and maliciously attempts to mislead the audience by presenting him/herself as undistorted by emotion or personal bias.

Fictionary // fick-shuhn-ner-ee // noun // an electronic reference resource, complied by Zach Sparer on the Faux Outrage website, that consists of an alphabetical list of not-exactly-real words with their completely-made-up meanings and parts of speech, and a guide to pronunciation and syllabification.

FWOTD // pronounced as initials // noun // a particular type of blog post category on the Faux Outrage website.  The acronym, which is not pronounced, is short for Faux Word of the Day.

– G –

Gendrification // jen-drif-eh-kay-shun // noun // a process by which a group of same-gendered persons slowly encroach upon a similarly homogeneous but opposite-sex faction in a public setting (e.g., pub or sporting event) for the purpose of flirtation and/or commingling.

Glawking // glawk-ing // verb // to use the reflection of glass, such as a storefront or subway train window, in order to inconspicuously stare at or ogle an amusing or otherwise intriguing person or situation.

– N –

NetFlixtion // net-flik-shuhn // noun // a condition of great distress, pain, or emotional suffering endured as a direct result of an individual’s continued re-noticing of the existence of an unwatched, unopened NetFlix DVD; An affliction that stems  from the semi-frequent use of NetFlix.

– P –

Punintentional // puhn-in-ten-shuh-nl // adjective // a not deliberate use of words or phrases that exploit ambiguities and innuendoes in their meaning, to accidental (and of course, very awesome) humorous effect.

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