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Faux Outrage

Literally the most important blog in the universe since 2010.

I have news!  Wonderful, wonderful news (assuming you love reading what historians will one day refer to as “complete crap”)!  I am putting up my whole archive of The Nutshell articles.  Only one person has specifically requested that I do this, but in this glimmering window of digital motivation, your vague wish (John H.) is my command.  Of course, this is terrible news for me because I am for some reason going out of my way to re-create a record of inane  things I have written.  In any event, this is what I have chosen to do.

For the uninitiated, The Nutshell was a “blog” I worked on before people even had blogs.  I wrote about important topics such as capri pants, meteorologists, exit signage, and of course, communism.  Mostly, however, I used the space to make horrible grammatical errors and abuse my italics privileges.  If you choose to read any of these old works, please take into consideration the fact that I am very, very sorry.

If you’d like to see the archive, please click here or on The Nutshell Archive link under “Categories”.

If for some reason you know what specific article you’re sleuthing for, here is a list:

Hand Me My Sickle!
All Bow and Obey Apreham Lincoln
Let the Battle of Obscurity Commence!
The Capri Pant Dilemma
You’re Always Wrong and 100% Useless. Here’s Your Paycheck!
Goals, Schmoals
You Know What I Hate?
Don’t Hate The Writer. Hate The Fame.
Hi, How Are You?
New Years Is For Suckers
There’s a 37.3% Chance I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About
United We Stand, Divided We Are
Act Now, Idiots!
Personalities: Please, Take One
Driving Me Crazy
In Case of Emergency, Strike Match

Enjoy, I guess!

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